Terms and Conditions for Guaranteed Delivery

The options of Guaranteed Same-Day, One/Two-Day Delivery are subject to the following Terms & Conditions.

  • Guaranteed delivery options are available on Premium Eligible items in select cities.
  • Orders must be placed within the time frame. That delivery date may become unavailable within that window of time due to changes in inventory or delivery capacity before you place your order. Your confirmed delivery date will be included in your order confirmation email.
  • Only certain pin codes are eligible for these options.
  • To get your order within the guaranteed delivery time, you need to chat with us on WhatsApp before checkout.
  • Items belonging to large appliances and furniture categories do not qualify for these express shipping options.
  • The Delivery guarantee applies to attempted delivery by the promised date. PATOYS and their partners will not be responsible to provide guaranteed delivery if the customer is not present at the delivery address to take the delivery or if the customer picks up the package on a later date though the package has been delivered at the pickup store on the promised date.
  • On Saturdays, and regional or national holidays, deliveries are not guaranteed to establishments like offices that might be closed, for more information please chat our WhatsApp chat support.
  • We are constantly working to expand our coverage. Please check availability of guaranteed delivery options for your pincode on the our WhatsApp chat support.
  • Your package will be delivered to the pickup store on your estimated delivery date and you will get a notification mail once the package is delivered to the store and is ready for pickup.

The following additional terms and conditions apply for Guaranteed Morning Delivery.

  • Morning Delivery is not available to establishment addresses like offices and business premises. It is restricted only to residential addresses.
  • Morning Delivery attempts happen after by 11 am.
  • Delivery is available in the following cities:


    The following additional terms and conditions apply for Guaranteed Same-Day Delivery.

    • For Same-Day Delivery, we cannot guarantee delivery attempts to establishments like offices and business premises that close by 6 p.m.
    • Same-Day Delivery attempts happen latest by 9 p.m.

    Guaranteed Shipping Speeds and Delivery Charges

    Guaranteed Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Delivery is available for certain Premium Eligible items, to eligible cities across India.

    Guaranteed shipping speed

    This is a premium service from PATOYS, you do not need to subscribe for this facility, we charge additional amount for this facility even if the offer is applicable under free shipping, as informed to us by the logistic partner, measured with reference to the distance from our warehouse to your delivery address including prime time also applicable, approx. Minimum Rs.1000/- for Ride on Toys category, for replacement parts Rs. 250/- shipping charges may apply.

    Delivery Charge Refunds

    This is a  automatically refunds delivery charges if you don't get your Morning, Same-Day, One-Day, or Two-Day Delivery by the promised date. Refunds go to your Amazon Pay balance. If you choose Pay on Delivery (POD), you first pay the full order cost, then, you get a delivery refund.